Service Business Software Features

Software Feature List for Scheduling Manager Gemini -- service business software

This Feature List shows which features are included with the different versions of our multi-functional employee and job scheduling software.

  Spark Basic Small BusinessProfessionalEnterprise
The max. number of employees you are able to schedule for. 1-10Unlimited Unlimited

Customer/CRM Features

Basic Functions Watch movie
Power Search Watch movie
Multiple Locations Watch movie
Browse Locations
User-Defined Fields
Source Field
Easy Access to Other Screens
Mail Merges
Jobs Tab
Jobs At-a-Glance Watch movie
Time-Stamped Notes
Preferred Employee Watch movie
Reminders Watch movie
Message Intake System Watch movie
Quality Control Watch movie
Sales Tracking Watch movie
Customer Filtering Options Watch movie
Tags Feature Watch movie
Unlimited Phones and Email Addresses for Customers Watch movie
Attach Files to Notes Watch movie
Auto Assign Zones By Zip Codes Watch movie
Customizable Location User-Defined Fields Watch movie
Leads Report
Leads Queue
Contract Feature Watch movie
SQL Database

Employee Information

Basic Functions
Employee Pictures
Manage Salespeople Watch movie
Employee Absence Logging
Employee Time-stamped Notes

Team Information

Assemble Teams
Color Code Teams
Team Groupings Watch movie

Work Codes

Maintain Service Categories
Price Matrix
Color by Work Code Watch movie

Job Scheduling Software

8 Interactive Scheduling Screens
Job Calendar All Teams
Recurring Scheduling
Job Notes
Job Notes Templates
One-Time Changes
Entire Schedule Changes
Display Options
Job Completions
Bulk Completions
Weekly Dispatch Calendar Watch movie
Daily Dispatch Calendar Watch movie
Availability Calendars Watch movie
Daily Dispatch Calendar Deluxe Watch movie
Dispatch Board Watch movie
Employee Scheduling Calendar Watch movie
Customer Dispatch Calendar Watch movie
Job Confirmation Calendars
Multi-Team Job Assignments Calendar
SMS Text Messaging Watch movie
Task Manager Watch movie
Color by Zone
Job Hours Watch movie
Job Status Codes Watch movie
Job Change Prompts Watch movie
Include Image with Printed Job Ticket
Chemical Tracking
Barcoding Job Assignments Feature Watch movie

Accounts Receivable

Account History
Combined Invoicing
Combined Invoicing by Frequency Watch movie
Credit Card Processing Watch movie
Third Party Billing Watch movie
Record Sales Tax by Location Watch movie
Record Prices Inclusive of Tax/GST/VAT Watch movie
Combination Fixed Charges and Hourly Charges Watch movie
Advanced Reporting Features Watch movie
Credits Feature Watch movie
Split Billing


Flexible Payroll Options
Ability To Track 6 Payroll Rates and Hours

QuickBooks Interface

Import/Export Interface
QuickBooks RealTime Watch movie
Syncing QuickBooks Customer Jobs with Locations
QuickBooks Online Data Sync Utility


Xero Online Data Sync Utility

Mapping Capabilities

Job Directions
Optimizing Routes
Viewing Jobs on a Map
Suggest a Job Date

Microsoft Outlook Sync

Import Customers
Export Jobs


Checklist-Style Estimates/ Watch movie
Invoice-Style Estimates

Email Module

Email Job Reminders Watch movie  
Email Job Tickets  
Email Invoices  

Caller-ID Feature

Phone Log Watch movie
Caller ID Pop-ups

Equipment Manager

Record Customer Equipment Information
Equipment Tracking Watch movie
Equipment Reports

Inventory Manager

Store Item Information and Create Purchase Orders Watch movie
Manage Manufacturers and Vendors
Import Items from QuickBooks

Multi Company Feature

Multi-User Options

Multiple Users Scheduling Simultaneously
Assign Permissions to Users
Permissions Templates

Interface Options

Infusionsoft Interface