Phone Log Feature for Field Service Businesses

Effectively track all your customer interactions with Phone Log feature in our service business software!

Our field service business management software lets you record all details of all phone calls for your business, incoming and outgoing. Combined with our Caller-ID Feature, Phone Log is an invaluable tool for effective customer relations management.Information about calls is stored for you automatically in the Phone Log.  It allows you to create a log for all phone conversations with customers. This has proven to be a vital tool in customer relationship management.

You can view all phone log records, including whether they were an outgoing or incoming call, date and duration. These phone log records are either added automatically if you have the Caller ID Module, or you can add them manually by clicking the Add button.

You can display the Phone Log at any time. You can also add a follow-up call record and keep track of all your communications with the customer. You simply need to enter the content of the phone call. Once you have entered the phone logs, you can run the Call Log report to view all call records, or to view follow up calls.

You can run a report to show all follow-up calls that you need to make conveniently displayed. This report shows all details of the phone calls. The report can also be run to show, specifically, only the follow up call records, so it can be used by your office staff to look up the follow up calls that need to be made for the day.

This helps you to refine your sales process and to maintain a high level of customer service, as calls are followed up in a timely manner, ensuring customer satisfaction!