Upgrades to Scheduling Manager Gemini


Customer Filtering Options

We have some exciting new filtering options available in the Gemini version. With these new options you can do much more than simply searching for a “Last Name”, or “Phone Number”, now you can build your own queries and look for customers with Zip Code “11215” AND who have a “Residential” tag. These will give you more flexibility with sorting and searching for customers, and will enable you to do more targeted marketing.

Tags on Customer Information Screen

Our new Tags feature enables you to define and apply an unlimited number of “Tags” for your customers. The Tags feature enables you to sort and group your customers, and to create targeted marketing pieces based on these Tags.

Unlimited Phones and Email Addresses for Customers

Our new phones feature enables you to store an unlimited number of phone numbers, contact names and email addresses for customers. For each email address you can also specify whether it is to be included in bulk emailings.

Message Intake System

The Message Intake System allows you to record messages in Scheduling Manager for other users. Users immediately receive a pop-up alert that they have new messages. The system will prioritize the messages for you. This fantastic new feature means no more post-its and paper messages cluttering up your desk! It ensures no messages get lost – improving your customer satisfaction.

Attach Files to Time-Stamped Notes

You are now able to attach files, such as images or documents, to Time-Stamped Note records for customers. This makes it easy to track documents, and to locate them at a later date.

Auto Assign Zones By Zip Codes

This new feature enables you to define which zip codes belong to each of your zones. When adding a new customer, it will assign the zone for you automatically based on the zip code entered for the customer.

Customizable Location User-Defined Fields

In our new, Gemini version, of the software, you can now define up to 100 fields yourself and customize the names of the fields, and the type (such as date, currency, checkboxes, drop-down menus, etc). In addition to this you also have 10 memo fields that you can customize for storing unlimited notes.

Leads Report

The Leads Report is a new addition to the Gemini version. This useful report will provide you with an overview of leads from a certain date range and show you the most recent activity for each lead.

Leads Queue

The Leads Queue provides you with an interactive call list for making follow-up calls to your leads. The list prioritizes your leads for you, taking into account the next contact date, the potential value of the lead and a priority value set by the user.

Contract Feature

The Gemini version incorporates a new Contract feature. You can utilize the contract feature to associate jobs and schedules with a particular contract. The contract includes such information as the duration of the contract, the charge associated with the contract and the payment schedule for the contract.

SQL Database Support

The Gemini version supports the use of a SQL database, which enables better error handling, and a new packaged way of transmitting data, which helps to ensure your data integrity. An additional advantage to using the SQL database is that data can be accessed via an internet connection (e.g. “cloud-based”). This is ideal if you have different users in different locations that need to access the data.

Employee Absence Logging

Record and track employee absences, including detailed reasons for absences. Run a report to view all employee absences during a selected date range.

Color by Work Code

In the Gemini version in addition to being able to color code by team, you are now also able to color code by Work Code. This means that when viewing the calendar is easy to identify your different jobs.

Dispatch Board

The reminders feature assists you with your customer relationship management as it allows you to schedule a pop-up alarm to appear on the screen on a date and time that you specify.

You can select a customer that the reminder is for and click the “Go To” button to automatically jump to that customer’s information. You also have the option to reschedule or snooze the reminder.

You can also use the reminders to remind another user, such as your office administrator, to follow-up with a customer or to perform a task for a customer.

** This feature is not included with the basic package, but it can be purchased as an additional module.

Job Confirmation Calendars

The Job Confirmation Calendars are available in either a weekly or daily format. They provide you with an “Unconfirmed” list of jobs for you to drag and drop onto the calendar to assign them to a specific date.

Multi-Team Job Assignments Calendar

This calendar view enables you to view multiple teams for a 6-day week. It also offers an “Unconfirmed” list of pending jobs for you to drag from and drop onto the calendar for a specific date and team.

Color by Zone

The Gemini version enables you to define your own Zones, as well as corresponding colors for each zone. You then have the option to select for jobs on the calendars to display using the Zone colors.

Job Hours

This new feature enables you to define the total # of employee hours for a job. All that needs to be done is to enter a Start Time, enter the Job Hours, and the End Time of the job will be recalculated based on the # of employees assigned. If you later add or remove employees to the job the job length will be automatically recalculated.

Job Status Codes

In the Gemini version you now have the ability to define your own “Job Status” codes. This is a versatile new feature that you can use to define your own stages of a job to track. You can also optionally choose to color-code the jobs on your calendars by color, and select your own colors for each Job Status code.

Job Linking

This new Job Linking feature enables you to link 2 or more jobs together. All linked jobs will then be billed and invoiced together.

Job Change Prompts

This new feature prompts you to record a reason if you cancel a job, change an employee, or if you make a change for a customer for whom you have a key on file. These prompts ensure you collect as much data as possible about cancellations and employee changes and also to reduce the number of “close-outs” that result from employees not having correct keys.

Include Image with Printed Job Ticket

Automatically include a stored image to be printed with customers’ job tickets, for example, if you wish to include a property plan with each job ticket.

Combined Invoicing by Frequency

With this new feature you can create Combined Invoices for customers with different billing frequencies if, for example, you have some customers that you bill on a monthly basis, or others twice a month, or weekly, etc.

Sales Tax Defined by Location

With the Gemini version you are now able to track Sales Tax by Location. This means that if you have a customer with different locations across states, or across different counties with different Tax Codes, you can store the different tax rates for the customer. The tax will then be calculated at the correct rate, depending on the customer’s location.

Record Prices Inclusive of Tax/GST/VAT

The Gemini version supports the ability to enter pricing information for customers including the Tax or VAT.

Combination Fixed Charges and Hourly Charges

The new Gemini version supports the ability to have a combination of fixed-price items, and hourly-priced items on the same job and invoice.

Advanced Reporting Features

The Gemini version includes several new advanced analysis reports, such as the “Jobs and Accounting Analysis” report. These reports provide you with more sophisticated ways to analyze your data.

Credits Feature

The Credits Feature enables you to record receiving payment for a certain number of credits from a customer. When jobs are completed the credits that a customer has pre-purchased will be applied to the job and you’ll be alerted if the customer runs out of credits.

Split Billing

Our new Split Billing feature enables you to “split up” a customer’s invoice, so that part of the invoice can be invoiced to one party, and the remainder to another.

Up to 6 Hourly Pay Fields

The Gemini version now supports the ability to store and track up to 6 different hourly rates for employees.You are also able to relabel these fields whatever you wish.

Location/Customer Job Synchronization with QuickBooks

Our QuickBooks RealTime Module now includes the ability to synch information between Locations for a customer in the Scheduling Manager, with Customer Job records in QuickBooks.

Equipment Tracking

It is now possible to assign specific pieces of equipment to jobs.

Equipment Reports

There are several new Equipment Reports available to show you the history of a piece of equipment.

Permission Templates

With the Permissions Templates you can define for each type of user whether you want them to have add/edit/delete permissions for customers, employees, jobs and invoices.

Workload Balance Screen and “Waiting List” Jobs

The new Gemini version of Scheduling Manager includes a new Workload Balance Screen, which enables you to drag-and-drop jobs throughout the week to balance the hours of work requested with the employees available to work. This new calendar screen also includes the ability to have “Waiting List” jobs that appear in a special queue.

Daily Dispatch Calendar ERP Version: “Unassigned Jobs” and Staffing Assistant Features

The Daily Dispatch Calendar ERP Version has some exciting new features in the Gemini version of Scheduling Manager. Jobs can now be classified as “Unassigned” and display in a special queue on the Daily Dispatch Calendar so that they can be dragged-and-dropped onto a route for the day. The Staffing Assistant feature displays a list of all your employees and indicates how many hours they have booked so far for the week, and clearly indicates which employees are approaching their full hours. This assists you with avoiding overtime, while ensuring that employees meet a minimum number of hours for the pay period.

Redesigned ‘Add Job’ Screen

The new, redesigned Add Job Screen displays more information, yet is still easy-to-read and to use.

Track “Unfinished” or “Uncompleted” Jobs

The new Job Linking feature also enables you to track which jobs have not yet been fully completed.

Redesigned Customer Information Screen

With the new, redesigned Customer Information Screen, more information is now accessible at your fingertips. Information such as Locations and Equipment items are now visible from tabs on the customer’s record.

Travel Times

Travel times (both rush-hour and non-rush-hour) can be stored for customers. The travel time is then automatically added on to jobs.

New Email Module Features

Ability to Mark Locations as Active/Inactive

New CSV Import File Options

The CVS import utility in the Gemini version of Scheduling Manager now enables you to select the Source for the imported contacts, and also to apply a selection of Tags to be applied to the imported contacts.

We are very excited to introduce the latest edition of Scheduling Manager: the Gemini version.

We have listened to our users and have incorporated many requests into the new Gemini version.

A Sophisticated, Stream-Lined Software With Advanced Tools for Data Analysis

The Gemini version includes some new key features created specifically to assist with the data analysis requirements of larger businesses.

Reporting Tools for Calculating ROI and Profitability

New sophisticated reporting tools calculate your ROI and your profitability for jobs.

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