SM-Mobile App for Android and Apple

SM-Mobile is a powerful mobile productivity tool, providing field workers with the information processing tools to make their jobs easier and your entire workforce more productive.


SM-Mobile is a native app, running on both Apple and Android devices.


SM-Mobile functions as an accessory to Scheduling Manager Gemini and Web Express.


SM-Mobile is available for dozens of industries, useful for whatever you do.

SM-Mobile synchronizes data with Scheduling Manager Gemini, or the Web Express, so the user in the field can access their job schedules directly on their mobile device.

SM-Mobile provides powerful management tools for mobile workforce management. This mobile job scheduling app puts the power into the hands of the field worker, while management gains through greater awareness of activities in the field.

Some features of SM-Mobile, mobile software for field service businesses

View Scheduled Job Appointments

Employees can view all their own scheduled jobs for the day, for the week or any other time period.

Team leaders can view all jobs for their team. Master users (supervisors) can view all jobs for all teams in their district.

The SM-Mobile user can view all details concerning each job by tapping the screen. They can also see all associated customer information, and also initiate a phone call to the customer at the tap of a finger.

This aspect of the mobile service business software makes it unnecessary for employees or supervisors to carry around any kind of paperwork. This makes your service business more efficient and profitable!

Create Estimates in the field

Whether you are running an electrical repair business, a pest control business, a carpet cleaning enterprise, a fire extinguisher maintenance operation or any other field service business, sometimes customers (or prospective customers) will ask technicians in the field about new work.

With the instant estimates feature in SM-Mobile software for service businesses, the technician can immediately create an estimate and show that or e-mail it to the client. No more waiting for the employee to return to head office before the client can know how much the services they want are going to cost.

Create invoices and e-mail them to the client

Create invoices showing details of all services performed, as well as inventory items used, and equipment items serviced.

Invoices can be immediately e-mailed to the client, and are also transmitted back to head office, where they are retained for your records.

As you create new invoices for client, his/her account balance is immediately updated.

If you have the QuickBooks Real-time interface, information is also immediately updated in QuickBooks. Interfaces with MYOB, Sage, Xero and other accounting programs also available.

Take photos of the job site and transmit them back to the home office

If you’re servicing equipment for a customer, you can take before and after photos to record important details about the job to show to the customer. If you are in the cleaning business, you can take before and after photos to demonstrate the quality of your cleaning work. Property managers can record photographic details of clients’ properties to email to clients.

All photos are transmitted back to the central head office, where they are kept on file, and can be accessed by office personnel at any time, for verification or for any communications with the customer.

Capture customer’s signature

Customer signs work order and invoice when work is completed, so you have a record of customer’s acceptance of the work performed.

You can also have customer sign her acceptance of special warranty conditions attached to certain types of work. This feature is really loved by many of the carpet and upholstery cleaners who use SM-Mobile in conjunction with Scheduling Manager for carpet cleaning businesses.

This information is transmitted back to head office, where it is retained on file. Incredible record keeping with no paperwork involved.

Accept payments – including credit cards

The mobile user can process credit card transactions in the field.

The technician in the field can record amounts paid by the client, whether in cash, by check or by credit card. And, if the customer chooses to pay by credit card, the card can be immediately processed in the field, ensuring that you receive quick payment for the valuable services that you provide.

Another time-saving and organization-effective feature of our mobile service business software.

Mapping of daily job schedule routes

Create helpful maps for each employee, showing current positions and directions to the next job. Or create a map showing the entire route for the day.

Employees no longer need to spend time searching for directions, manually typing addresses into their GPS device or their cellphone. Employees no longer need to call the office to find out directions to the next job. This is a great time-saver, and has been shown to save countless hours for companies using the SM-Mobile system.

This makes your field service business much more efficient, through use of the right kind of mapping software.

Record employees’ arrival and departure times

The employee (or sub-contractor) indicates when s/he arrives at the job, and his/her geographical location is verified using GPS capabilities.

When the job is completed, employee indicates this and the departure time and GPS coordinates are again recorded.This information is retained within Scheduling Manager or Web Express (our online version) so that HR and payroll personnel can check employees’ timecards accurately and efficiently at the end of each pay period.

In the past, some users purchased an entire separate program just to record check-in and check-out times. With this feature, these valuable capabilities are included in the mobile software at no extra charge.

GPS capabilities let you know exactly where your employees are

You can bring up a map on your computer screen, showing where all employees are at any time.

This makes it easy to know that your employees are where they are supposed to be at any particular point in time.

This facility aids in checking that employees check in and out from their correct work locations. This utility is also invaluable for dispatchers at head office to dispatch service personnel quickly and efficiently when a service call comes in and needs to be serviced ASAP.

You can also get the route traveled by any particular employee for the day.

Set Permissions for Different user-Types

As with Scheduling Manager and our other software offerings for field service businesses, you can customize the way SM-Mobile works, to make it compatible with your way of doing business.

For example, you can choose to configure SM-Mobile so that employees can see only their own jobs and Team leaders can see all jobs for their team members, while supervisors can see all jobs assigned to all employees and teams.

Custom options allow management to define what parts of the data each user can see and modify.

Print and E-mail Work Orders, Warranty Forms, Service Agreements, etc.

Attach images and PDF files to jobs

Mark-up, fill-in and share PDF files directly from your mobile device. Fill in custom PDF forms or mark up image files and transmit them to the office or email them to a client while they are at the job site.

You can:

» Edit floor plans and attach them to customers’ records.

» Mark the locations of customer’s equipment, such as septic tanks, fire safety equipment, sprinkler systems, etc.

» Keep track of areas where maintenance and cleaning work has been done by marking them off on a floor plan.

» Maintain quality assurance by marking and annotating the tasks performed at the job site.

Pre-filled PDF Forms

Convenience: Work Orders are already pre-filled with the customers’ name, company and address. Your employees simply fill in the necessary information and send it to the customer with a click of a button.

Efficiency: Create any custom forms you need, collect signatures from the customer and send the forms to the head office. No more lost paper forms and your employees do not need to spend time picking up and dropping off forms at the head office.

Available in the following countries:

International versions of our scheduling. dispatch, accounting and employee scheduling software available for the following countries: (If your country is not specifically listed, don’t worry, we will provide you a custom version that will work for you!

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