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Thoughtful Systems is happy to share testimonials and references from our satisfied customers.

Our clients have been using Scheduling Manager for years with great satisfaction. We aim to provide this level of quality product and service to everybody who purchases our product.

"Scheduling Manager has been an invaluable management and marketing tool for me. I’ve used it since I was a startup years ago and am still finding it an effective management system now that I have over 50 maids. I couldn’t have grown so fast without it.”
Miriam Khan
Today’s Maid, New York City, New York
"Before we had your software, we did scheduling on spreadsheets, but this tended to be less than an ideal solution, and sometimes we had problems with the “Once a month”, and “Once a year” customers. Since we’ve been using your program, we never miss a job appointment. Also, the “Projected Sales” report has been very useful in helping us prepare for the busy periods…”
James Kramer
Allied Pest Control, Inc., Mobile, Alabama
“Help at Home has been using the Scheduling Manager program from Thoughtful Systems for the past three years.We needed a very specific invoicing format and Thoughtful Systems was able to work with us to customize the Scheduling Manager program to meet our needs. I highly recommend the Scheduling Manager program. It has simplified our scheduling and billing tasks and saved Help at Home countless hours of work.”
Steven Horenstein
Help at Home, Avon, Connecticut
“I am very pleased with the system and the service from Thoughtful Systems. The feature that we find especially useful, is the automatic monthly billing feature. It is saving us a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we can no longer imagine operating our business without it. I highly recommend the Scheduling Manager to any security business that is looking for an efficient and reliable software.”
Howard Krieger
H & H Security Systems, Inc., Brooklyn, New York
“We want to thank you for your excellent software updates that we recently received. This package merged smoothly with our previous version of the Cleaning Manager that we had used successfully for the past 12 years. We are very pleased to be associated with your company, and we look forward to future innovations.”
Howell P. Schechter
Maintenance Service Industries, Inc., Yorktown Heights, New York
“We have been using the software now over 2 years and it has become an essential part of how we run our business. I like all the feature that have been packed into the software – the customer management, scheduling, payroll, and billing. It is really easy to use and straightforward. I really like the fact that I have never even needed to use the User Manual! We appreciate the help we’ve had from your support staff on the odd occasion that we’ve needed to call with a question about how to do something.”
Elizabeth Picone
Accurate Pool & Equipment Service, Manteca, California
“I feel the software has really helped our business grow and I have always founding dealing with Thoughtful Systems to be a good experience. I had Thoughtful Systems Customize a job ticket for me way back in June of 1999 and we are still using the same ticket design! The software has helped us be well-organized and present a professional image to our clients. It’s surprising how such a seemingly small feature can be such a great help.”
Claire Pirie
Cooperative Cleaning Co.Inc.. Oakland. California
“We are completely reliant on the software for all our customer mangement, and billing, and I am always excited to hear about the new features you are adding to the software. Some of those have helped tremendously – one feature, the credit card processing feature, has saved me and my stafff so much time, that it alone has been worth the cost of the software. It’s a pleasure to work with a software company that is similarly dedicated to providing high-quality, dedicated service.”
Oren Ami
York Carpet Care, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
“I was looking around for more than a year for schedule program for our plumbing company in Toronto, Canada. Nothing was matching our needs. Finally, I chose Thoughtful Systems Scheduling Manager. We requested a lot of extra features – phone module, different reports to make quality controls for our plumbers, ability to change the crew every time we need (to have the chance to find who was at that job site and be flexible with switching the plumbers). Ask as many questions as possible about every feature of this progam, get any all helpful modules for your company, and save money on your services (speedy database entrance with CALLER_ID fixture) and quality of services (NO mistakes on phone numbers, machine does entry itself, no dispatch is needed.)”
Tanya Tchoudino
AnTa Plumbing, Toronto, Canada
“With the tracking of different service dates for different locations, and the processing of the invoices for accounting, there has been no ONE program that integrated both and worked well for us. We are thrilled to have finally found it with Scheduling Manager Gemini by Thoughtful Systems. Their program integrates with Quickbooks, which has dramatically improved the way we run our office ad business. Gone are the days of double entry into two programs. Scheduling Manager Gemini does it all!.”
Denae Dolde
ABC Fire, Naples, Florida
“We have been using the software now for more than 9 years and I am really thrilled that the software and service just keeps getting better and better…I believe that it will continue to be a benefit to you as well as to ourselves the more people that use your software. We have been pleasantly surprised on several occasions when you’ve introduced new features that other users have suggested, and that we can benefit from.”
Mark Bauer
Citi Clean, State College, Pennsylvania
“I love the software and how it is so easy to use and the fact that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use it! I’m happy that you keep working on improving the software, adding new things in and improving various parts. I am looking forward to upgrading the software as my business grows, to take advantage of tall the new features that you have in the Enterprise Deluxe version.”
Sandy Firooz
Blessed Cleaning, Petersburg, Virginia
“Our company, Commercial Cleaning Service, Inc., has been in business since 1977 and has always prided itself as being a leader in personnel practices, job relations, advertising and office communications and procedures. We installed our first computer system in November of 1985 and were fortunate at that time to find the Scheduling Manager.”
Debra B. Bickoff
Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc., Brooklyn, New York
“I’ve been using the Scheduling Managernow for eight years for my maid service business, and it has now become part of the way we do things day to day here. I don’t know how we ever managed to run our business without software such as yours.”
Stephanie Carter
Lacarter’s Maids, Garrisonville, Virginia
“We use the software to manage our customer accounts as well as their jobs, their invoices, payments, etc., as well as keep track of important financial information such as employee payroll. But the best part of the software for us is the Email module. I want to thank you for your assistance in helping us customize some of the email templates to put our logo on there for us, and change the design to our liking. I am very happy with it and we use it a lot to email invoices to our customers and to do bulk e-mailings to our customers and prospective customers.”
Trung Nguyen-Do
Life Maid Easy Cleaning Services, Vancouver, Canada
“We have recently upgrade to Scheduling Manager, which proved to be a great asset for our company. My business has grown tremendously since then. We are now using your software at both our Virginia and Maryland branches…We never could have grown as fast as we have or managed this kind of volume without your program.”
Sean Rashid
Maid to Please, Gaithersburg, Maryland
“Thoughtful Systems has helped us increase efficiency and lets us keep all of our information in one program, and all data is readily accesible. Scheduling Manager’s management analysis reports are very useful in showing us which services are generating the most revenue. The payroll tools are also a great time saver. We find that it’s really great at helping us stay organized in our business.”
Mandy Kober
R M Fire, Opelousas, Louisiana
“I am writing to you to congratulate the Thoughtful Systems’ team on the excellent software they ahve produced, which, in my opinion, is the best software available for maid services! I should know. I tried all the others! Some of the problems I found with others was that I would be quoted a price over the phone, and then sent a completely different price when it came time to ordering! Other software packages I tried had limited features, or I found very difficult to use. Still other companies I tried wouldn’t return my calls when I tried to get help. I have found the support services offered by Thoughtful Systems to be excellent so far, and I happy that I can always speak to a courteous and helpful support person.”
Scott Yaede
Saedy Maids, Brooklyn, New York
“The support and technical help that our business receives from Thoughtful Systems is above and beyond. Anytime we call them for assistance they are happy to help us… I would recommend Thoughtful Systems and the Scheduling Manager program to any business. If at first this systems does not quite fit your needs just let the helpful people at Thoughtful Systems know and thy will be happy to customize your program to your needs.”
Carolyn Allen
Safeway Exterminating Company, Beaumont, Texas
“We looked at 22 products, deeply evaluated 4 (including custom built SQL database), and chose Scheduling Manager 4 years ago. They made substantial modifications for us and continue to fine tune it as our needs dictate. The application saves us time and money by automating a plethora of processes – they are quite adept at developing innovative solutions that have driven changes to our internal protocols. We really like the electronic communication of job schedules, reports and feedback. It is truly effortless for our clients to rate and comment on us. We use the SMS capability to send daily job schedule information to our technicians. The client and employee reporting gives us great information to price future jobs, ferret out an issue or review employees.A truly outstanding application.”
Tom Moore

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