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Thoughtful Systems, Inc. is a software development and consulting company, designing and manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries, with an emphasis on service business management software.

We have a range of software programs. One of our specialties is development of software for various service industries. We have maid service software, home health care software, pest control software, lawn care software, guard security software, software for fire extinguisher maintenance, plumbing companies, and electrical maintenance companies, as well as software for many other service industries.

The company is led by Murray Gordon, M.A.H.P.,M.A.,M.Sc. the CEO and Sarah Thomas, B.Sc., the CFO.

We began by designing software solutions for a wide range of businesses, large and small. Back in 1985, a maid service company owner asked us to develop a custom solution for his business. We developed that and were encouraged by him to market it to the wider maid service, window cleaning and janitorial industries. Thus began our mission of developing and continually enhancing our product now known as The Scheduling Manager, a job scheduling and employee scheduling program, which has special versions specifically customized for a variety of service industry companies.

We draw from an extensive set of skills embodied in our programmers, web designers and professional business consultants to provide Thoughtful solutions for business matters. Because we have experience in organizational consulting as well as IT consulting, we have an impeccable ability to analyze the overall structure of an organization and recommend appropriate systems for our clients.

Many Business Packages available demonstrate our extensive knowledge of all aspects of setting up and running a business.

Because we provide solutions that integrate into your way of doing business you won’t find yourself — as some companies do — having a variety of specialized programs, each one of which may be good at some particular function. Rather, we endeavor to find the software for you that provides the best overall functionality for your organization, eliminating redundancy, enhancing and mirroring your organization’s workflow.

We have found, after 28 years of software development, that the solutions to an organization’s management problems involves not just software, though the right software obviously plays an important part. Our experience in working closely with a variety of businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors has shown us that it is critically important that the people in an organization understand their roles both in relation to one another as well as in relation to operation and maintenance of the software. Software is a very sophisticated tool, but it is still a tool nonetheless, and so must be handled just as you would any other sophisticated tool which you use to make your business more efficient.

Now, you can purchase one of Thoughtful’s pre-packaged software solutions for a very reasonable cost, or you can have software specifically custom-designed for you. Or, you can do some of both — start off with one of our packaged solutions, and add specific features which you need specifically for your service business. With our 30-day money back guarantee on our software packages, you can’t lose. It’s like getting a custom-designed suit for a little more than you’d pay for an off-the-shelf one. And, when you purchase from Thoughtful Systems, you are buying from a company that has a dedicated staff of programmers and support personnel, who will be around to support you for years to come, just as we’ve supported thousands of our current clients for the past 28 years.

So if you’re looking for small business accounting software, combined with employee scheduling and job scheduling software, payroll software and mapping and credit card processing software (see a list of some of the features we offer here) — whether it’s service industry software for home health care, maid service software, pest control software or for software (stand-alone or web-based) for some other business, give us a call and we can talk to you about our service business management software and our software development and organizational consulting services.

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