Multi Company Feature for Service Businesses

The Multi Company feature in the Scheduling Manager enables you to manage several different companies from within one instance of Scheduling Manager.

Using the Multi Company feature, you can specify which company a customer is affiliated with. This will affect the information that is displayed for the company header on correspondence to the customer (both printed and emailed) – for example, on invoices, statements, estimates and work orders.

You may have some customers that do business with more than one of the companies under your control. For example, they may have cleaning work done by Acme Cleaning and handyman work done by Acme Handyman Services. In this case, you can specify at the job level which company a job is for. This will cause the invoices for each job to have the appropriate headers corresponding to the company names.

In addition, the Multi Company feature also enables you to run many reports to see data separated for each company. For example, you can run a sales report to see your sales revenue by company, or a marketing report to see the number of new prospects separated by each company.

This feature is ideal for businesses who are operating under several DBAs, or, who have purchased other businesses and wish to continue operating under separate names. We originally created the feature for a customer who ran a window cleaning business, and had clients spread over a wide area. He wanted clients in each area to feel they were calling a local company, so he set up different company names and phone numbers, and had all of then redirected to one central office. They could tell which company was being called and check the customer’s name using our Caller ID feature, and so process the client’s needs as if they were a local company.