Automatic Reminders for Field Service Businesses

Email appointment reminders with a click of a button!

In Scheduling Manager service business software, it’s easy to email out all your appointment reminders for the day with the click of a button or even email out your appointment reminders automatically!

You can use the pre-loaded Appointment Reminder email template. With the Scheduling Manager email module you can make your own customizations to the content of the email templates. All you need to do is to select the date range of the jobs you wish to be emailed and click Send and away they go!

You can have Scheduling Manager mark the jobs that have been emailed – the little green phone icon indicates the email appointment reminder was sent.

You can also configure Scheduling Manager to automatically email out the appointment reminders. You can choose the time you want them to be send out, and also how far in the future you want to schedule it.

Email Job Reminders feature offers the efficiency and flexibility that our customers love – saving time for your office staff and providing better customer service!