QuickBooks Interface for Field Service Business Software

Take advantage of all that our service business software has to offer while continuing to use QuickBooks!

The QuickBooks interface means that you get all the benefits of Scheduling Manager and still get to use all the financial reporting tools that QuickBooks has to offer, while eliminating the need to do double-entry.

If you are already a QuickBooks user, you can transfer your customers in seconds. As you build your company, customer, invoice, payment, and service information data is synced between Scheduling Manager Gemini and QuickBooks automatically in real-time.

The QuickBooks interface also makes getting started in Scheduling Manager easy as when you use the software for the first time you can transfer your customers from QuickBooks to Scheduling Manager automatically.

  • All your customers’ contact details will be transferred, in addition to any notes and custom fields.
  • If you use Customer Jobs in QuickBooks, these will be transferred as Locations in the Scheduling Manager.
  • Using the QuickBooks 2-way Sync all your customers’ past invoices and payments can also be transferred from QuickBooks to Scheduling Manager.
  • If you modify a customer’s information in Scheduling Manager, the information in QuickBooks will be updated automatically, and vice versa.
  • If you close out a job in Scheduling Manager .and create an invoice for the job, the invoice is automatically added into QuickBooks!
  • If you record a payment, that payment will also be added to QuickBooks automatically.
  • You can also sync information between Scheduling Manager and QuickBooks Online.