The Xero Sync Utility

The Xero Sync Utility

The Xero Sync Utility is a convenient data sync link serving to exchange data between Xero and Scheduling Manager.

If you are already using Xero, you can transfer your customer information from QuickBooks Online to Scheduling Manager Gemini in a matter of seconds. This makes it quick, easy and efficient to start using Scheduling Manager Gemini in conjunction with Xero.

When you add a new customer to Scheduling Manager, or edit an existing customer’s information, you can send these changes to Xero with a click of the mouse.

Similarly, when you add invoices or payments to Scheduling Manger Gemini, that information can readily be transferred to Xero through the use of our Sync Utility.

Service items in Xero are also synced with Scheduling Manager Gemini.  These are transferred seamlessly to Scheduling Manager, where they create work codes.  Any work codes added or modified in Scheduling Manager are similarly exported seamlessly to Xero.

The Xero – Scheduling Manager Sync Utility interface thus eliminates any double-entry, saves you time and makes your operation more efficient.

Xero Sync Utility Example Screen

$ This feature can be purchased as an additional module.