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Our web design templates are a great opportunity for businesses just starting out, who cannot afford an elaborate site. A web presence, however, is a definite must for any business these days, large or small. A web presence will bring in customers from the web and help your business grow from a small startup to a large business. With our website deals you get a design template customized by you that has been created especially for your type of business.
What you get:
A Professional Personally Tailored Site – It’s about time you get your business on the web and tap into the largest pool of prospective customers there is! These days, any business, no matter how small, cannot be successful without a web presence.
A Professional Design – You can customize both color and content, however you please. To view the design templates, click the appropriate links below.
12 Pages – Includes Home, services provided, Get a Free Quote, FAQs, Service Evaluation and Contact Us and more!
2 Web Forms – Including a Get a Free Quote form and a Service Evaluation for your customers and prospective customers to fill in. These forms come to any email address you specify.
Customer and Employee Login – This exciting new feature makes it easy for your customers to see their upcoming cleaning dates and to get their invoices online. Your employees are also able to see their schedules online, eliminating the need for them to come into the office everyday, improving the efficiency of your business. This feature is only available if you have purchased a license for Scheduling Manager Web.

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Thoughtful Systems, Inc. will create a website for your business, assisting you with conception, design, issues surrounding e-commerce and more. Our experienced designers will work with you to make your dreams come to life. We will endeavor to provide you with quality service, care at a reasonable price.

If you are just starting your business, Thoughtful Systems, Inc. can even design you a logo, flyers and letterheads for your new company.

We will assist you with:

  • Webpage Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Logo Design
  • SSL Site Security
  • Searching Engine Listings and Rankings
  • Site Statistics
  • Integration with Scheduling Manager Web
  • Have your customers log in through your own web site to print off their schedules and account history. They may also check their schedules and request changes.

Customers can also view a home page that you can fully customize, if you wish to issue and online weekly newsletter or trivia question to keep your clients coming back to your site.

You can also have your employees log in through your web site to print their own schedules and view their payroll information, and so you can issue bulk announcements which can be viewed by everybody.

Call Sarah on 800-759-2532 to discuss your needs. (Or email her at Sarah@ThoughfulSystems.com)



SEO..and why you need it!
If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to see it or hear it fall, did it really fall?
This is a popular question amongst philosophy students. It is the opening to a whole realm of philosophy, called empiricism. The question was first posed by the philosopher Bishop Berkeley. Along with John Locke and David Hume, the three were known as the empiricists. They helped set the stage for the development of the modern scientific method. Essentially, they were arguing that we should only admit as real what we can perceive with our senses. If something is not immediately apparent to my senses, then it doesn’t exist!
Talking of things that are not immediately apparent to anyone’s senses, I am still surprised when I find out that people running service businesses today do not pay more attention to the visibility of their web sites. I have spoken with many business owners who pay considerable amounts every month for Yellow Pages listings, and spend considerable amounts on advertising in their local paper, and perhaps on leaflets, door hangers and the like.

It’s not that these older methods of advertising and generating new business are no longer any good. I know of one maid service owner who spent considerable amounts on leaflets when he first started his business, and managed to get the business up and running very fast! That was fifteen years ago.

Nowadays, business owners need to concentrate more on web advertising. More and more people look for services on the web, rather than in the Yellow Pages or any other source. In fact, people under thirty hardly ever use the Yellow Pages at all!

Most service business owners have realized this, and now have a web site. I believe that it’s not enough just to have a plain web site – your web site reflects your business, and so should be attractive and professional looking. The web site should reflect your business philosophy. If you offer high end services, your site should reflect that.

“I want to thank you very much for the search optimization work on our web sites. It’s really helped us a lot. We are getting many more inquiries from our web site. I’m really pleased that we are now number 1 for “House cleaning Stockport” in both Google UK and Google world-wide search. In general, all our target search terms have increased tremendously for all the search engines. I’m sorry I didn’t use your services earlier. Our previous web site manager really did nothing to enhance our web visibility.”

~Mark Davis, Kingsmaid Cleaning, Stockport, UK

I have seen too many business owners try to cut costs in developing their web site. This doesn’t make sense – your web site is going to increasingly become the prime means of introducing yourself to clients and garnering new business.

Once you have your web site posted somewhere on the web, the next issues is to get people to come and visit it. There are literally billions of web sites available on the web, so you need to think about how your prospects are going to find you. Most queries on the web begin with one of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask. If your site is not found in the first couple of pages, then the web surfer is not going to find you! There are two important methods for ensuring that your site comes up amongst the first listings that are displayed.

Pay Per Click

The first is called Pay Per Click. You sign up with an account from Google, or Yahoo, etc., and bid on various terms – for example “maid service”, or “home health care’, or “plumbing services Brooklyn”, etc. Each time someone clicks on your listing, you pay a certain amount to the search engine company. Hence the term “pay per click”. This method is so popular and so lucrative to Google that Google’s shares have now reached an astronomical amount in the Stock Exchange.

Another method of ensuring that your site appears for the searcher is the employee Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to attempt to get your site to appear high in the free listings on the search engine. For example, try typing in the search term. These are paid listings, and the exact listings that will appear will change from day to day, even hour to hour, depending on how much each company competing for that search term bids.

Right underneath the three paid listings you will see the beginning of the free listings. As of the date of this writing (March 2nd, 2008), our company, Thoughtful Systems, occupies the number 1 and number 2 positions. This is the result of SEO work.

It is not a simple matter to ensure your site gets a very visible position in the free listings in Google (or the other search engines). Consider that for this search term (carpet cleaning business software), there are 179,000 listings found by Google!

The bottom line is that with the right SEO work your site could also be near or at the top of the free listings, when someone types in “House cleaning Mytown” or “Carpet cleaning Mytown”, etc. This will result in more people finding your page. Once they’ve found your web site, you then have a chance of selling them on the benefits of doing business with you. People are busy, so they are not going to visit a very large number of sites which are returned by the Search Engine, so being visible will help your business!

“I’m really pleased! Before Thoughtful helped me with my site listings, we didn’t show up at all in Google or other search engines. Now we are number 2 for “Clean carpet in Brooklyn” on Google, and position 2 in Yahoo for “carpet cleaners Brooklyn”. Also #1 for “commercial carpet in Brooklyn” on Google and AOL. It’s really been worth every penny we are spending on our SEO work with Thoughtful. Thanks.”

~Yaniv Nir, All Stars Carpet Cleaning, Brooklyn

We at Thoughtful Systems are now offering to share our expertise in SEO, and help you get your site into the first page of the search results. Call us now to inquire about SEO work on your web site. Our rates vary somewhat depending on the number of search terms you want to target and the degree of competitiveness of the search terms. “Carpet cleaning New York” returns about 413,000 results, whereas “carpet cleaning Schenectady” returns only 34,700 results. This means that it’s more difficult to be near the top of the listings for the first search term.

And remember, we work on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin optimizing your web site, to help lift your web site to a point of visibility, so no one will ever wonder, like Berkeley, whether your site exists or not!

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