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The Infusionsoft – Scheduling Manager Marketing Interface allows the transfer of customer data between the two programs. Scheduling Manager is multifunctional service business software designed for job scheduling, payroll, accounts receivable, mapping, employee scheduling and workforce management. It maintains customer information and employee information for easy job scheduling along with other unique features like our integrated Caller ID, GPS features, and Credit Card Processing that can make starting, scheduling and completing jobs a breeze. Infusionsoft’s dedicated ability to create marketing campaigns can make turning customers into repeat customers even easier. This interface software allows you to easily transfer customer data to Infusionsoft, so that the service business owner can take advantage of the powerful marketing features that Infusionsoft offers. Infusionsoft users can take advantage of the powerful scheduling features available in Scheduling Manager, while Scheduling Manager owners can use the marketing features in Infusionsoft to effectively run marketing campaigns to existing customers and new leads. Note: This is an interface program, which requires Scheduling Manager and Infusionsoft software to work.

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