Residential Cleaning Business Software

The cleaning industry in the US is a huge business. It brings in over $40 billion annually and the residential cleaning sector specifically has seen a substantial growth in the last ten years.

Industry experts explain that the continued strength of the residential cleaning market depends to a large degree on the changing demographics of the US population, such as increase in the ageing population and continued rise of double-income households.

Especially when you consider that more and more people are now working right up till retirement age, empty nest households, with adults between the ages of 55 and 65, constitute the largest share of the residential cleaning market. In addition, double income families, those juggling family and work responsibilities, do not have the time or the energy to keep a clean house, especially if they have young children.When you look at these demographic factors, it’s easy to see why the residential cleaning industry is growing and is predicted to continue this growth over the next decade. Using a residential cleaning service can no longer considered a luxury by many people, it is now a matter of necessity in order to free up some time.

Whatever the size of your residential cleaning business, appropriate scheduling and business management software is an absolute necessity in today’s profitable but competitive cleaning services market. Scheduling Manager software is an ideal solution for residential cleaners, developed over 30 years and incorporating the industry expertise of thousands of our residential cleaning and maid service customers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and other countries.

Bucket and mop - tools for maid service business and residential cleaning businesses

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Top Scheduling Manager Benefits for Residential Cleaning Business

Get Paid Quickly

Scheduling Manager makes getting paid a breeze. No more unncessary paperwork and chasing customers down for payments. In Scheduling Manager software, invoice is automatically created when a job is completed and you can automatically email invoices to customers.

Automated credit card processing features in software save you time, get you paid faster.
Improve sales by having good teams in our carpet cleaning software

Always Know Where Your Employees Are

With SM-Mobila App, you can keep accurate track of your employees and make sure they always arrive to their cleaning appointments on time. You can bring up a map on your computer screen, showing where all employees are at any time or get the route traveled by any particular employee for the day.

SM-Mobile App also provides a GPS-enabled check in/check out feature, recording the time and the exact location of the employee when they arrive at the job site and when they complete the job.

Run Successful Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Guessing Game!

With Scheduling Manager’s integrated Email Module, you send messages to sales prospects and  customers with a simple click. Email holiday greetings, special offers, general marketing pieces, job reminders and anything else you might need.

With accurate Sales Tracking and Reporting, you can easily see what works and what doesn’t and improve your sales strategies in real time!

Marketing reports tell user where sales are concentrated.
“I love the software and how it is so easy to use and the fact that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use it! I’m happy that you keep working on improving the software, adding new things in and improving various parts. I am looking forward to upgrading the software as my business grows, to take advantage of tall the new features that you have in the Enterprise Deluxe version.”
Sandy Firooz,
Blessed Cleaning, Petersburg, Virginia