June 2016


Commemorating Memorial Day!

From All of Us at Thoughtful Systems


New: Bar Code Scanning 

This feature can save you hours of tedious scheduling and updating!

  Each Work Order includes the Job# as a bar code. 

Want to move a batch of Work Orders to a different day and employee? Simply scan the bar codes on the Work Orders and they are automatically moved to a new date and employee.

 When the employee returns with the Work Orders after finishing the job, just scan them in and the jobs are marked as completed!


Did You Know?

For your convenience, Scheduling Manager provides multiple ways to interface with QuickBooks!

Have the desktop installed version of Scheduling Manager Gemini?

It provides a seamless interface with QuickBooks (installed) and QuickBooks Online.

Running the online Web Express version of the Scheduling Manager

Easily integrate the Web Express with QuickBooks Online. 


New: Job Overview Calendar

Our newest calendar addition, the Job Overview Calendar, is similar to the existing Job Calendar All Teams, with a few exciting new features!

On this calendar view you can easily see the business name, the type (e.g. "Contract" or "One Off", or "Rework"), the technicians assigned, the square feet of the job and a description of the work to be performed. Unlike the usual Job Calendar, All Teams jobs will stretch down enabling you to easily view all the details.

You can use your normal color-coding, whether this is by team, zone, job status or work code.


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