November 2017


Get Started for Free with Online Inquiry Form

Respond to inquiries faster and get the clients!

- Seamless interface between your web site and the Scheduling Manager

- No more entering leads manually into Scheduling Manager

- Respond quickly to leads who want to do business with you!

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Free for the month of November only! 

Online Inquiry Form setup on your website + 1 month of service 

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Easy as 1- 2 -3

1. Prospective customers inquire about your services on your web site by filling in a form.

2. Their information is automatically sent to your Scheduling Manager and you receive a pop-up alert when you have a new inquiry!

3. In addition to capturing their basic contact information, you can also see their IP address, the referring URL, which site they came from, and what they clicked on to get to you. 

Online Inquiry Form is an invaluable tool for all your SEO and marketing needs!

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(Offer valid until November 30th, 2017)

Quickly Process Credit Card Payments from Any Device

Thoughtful Systems has partnered with BluePay to bring safe, efficient and low-cost payment processing solutions to our Scheduling Manager users.  

• Secure Payment Processing for All Major Credit Cards

• Low Processing Fees

• Next Day Payment Deposits Available

• Excellent Support and Customer Service

• Fully integrated with Scheduling Manager Desktop, Online, and Mobile Versions

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800-759-2532 or 718-369-0608

New Feature:

 Automatically Reschedule Jobs When You Move the Job Date

An exciting new feature in the Scheduling Manager makes your job scheduling easier! 

Scheduling Manager can automatically recalculate future jobs for you when the job date is moved. This advanced scheduling feature is ideal for businesses who schedule jobs at frequencies that can be far apart (e.g. 3-months, 6 months) and often need to move jobs by a week or two.

For example, you might have a job with a once-every-3-months schedule, but this month, the job had to be pushed back by 2 weeks. Scheduling Manager will recalculate the next job to be due in 3 months time from the new job date and it will automatically update the schedule for you.

This new addition to the Scheduling Manager makes all scheduling calculations for you! No need to struggle trying to remember scheduling changes and manually updating the job calendar every time a job is moved.

Take Your Business Paperless

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