October 2017


Quality Assurance Email Survey

Retain customers and keep them coming back for your services!

Receive immediate feedback from customers and act BEFORE they call to complain or cancel service. With the Quality Assurance Email Survey, you can address problems before they arise and ensure that your customers are happy and continue their service with you.

Send the survey to your customers directly from the software and receive immediate feedback via email. Customers can click on a rating for their service in the email and add additional feedback and comments. 

Collecting customer feedback with Quality Assurance Email Surveys is quick and easy! Saving even one customer who’s paying $80/week for your services earns you $4,160 per year! That more than pays for the entire software package!

Tom Moore, ECOlogic, Boston, MA

We email these surveys to all our customers and make sure to follow through on their feedback. Problems are handled before customers become frustrated and take their business elsewhere and this is enormously helpful to us in retaining them. 

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and improve your customer retention!


How do You Talk to Your Customers?

Scheduling Manager's Email Module makes it easy 

to stay in touch with your customers and prospects!

Scheduling Manager's integrated Email Module includes a variety of email templates that you can send to your customers or sales prospects with a simple click.

Choose from a number of available templates or easily create your own

• Estimates

• Invoices

• Job Confirmations

• Job Reminders

• Holiday Greetings

• Marketing Materials

• Sales and Special Offers

• Any Custom Mailing You Wish 

Job Confirmation Calendar

The Job Confirmation Calendar is an advanced calendar view specifically designed for confirming jobs with customers and then allocating them to a route.

This calendar is especially useful for the Scheduling Manager users who have many reoccurring jobs which must be confirmed with the client before they can be added to the calendar. This situation is common for many businesses where there are several months between jobs, such as carpet cleaning services, pool cleaning, septic tank maintenance or pest control.

The Job Confirmation Calendar includes several advanced features not found in any other calendar view, such as:

-  View of any custom date range of jobs (e.g. 1 week, 2 weeks, an entire month, etc…) 

-  Display of an “Unconfirmed Jobs List” - a list of pending jobs waiting to be assigned to a specific day and team. 

-  Separate date filters for the Unconfirmed Jobs List and the main Calendar display. For example, you can choose to see jobs on the Unconfirmed Jobs List that have been pending since August, while viewing the current week on the calendar view at the same time. 

- Quickly search/filter jobs in the Unconfirmed Jobs List – this is ideal if a client reaches out to YOU and you want to quickly locate their job. 

-   Easily drag jobs from the Unconfirmed Jobs List and drop them directly onto a desired day and route.

-  You can also view the Unconfirmed Jobs List for a specific route and simply drag the jobs onto a different route on the calendar. 

-  The Jobs in the Unconfirmed Jobs List are highlighted in red if the customer has an outstanding balance. 

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