September 2017


Get Rid of Paper Forms!

Annotate, fill-in, edit and sign PDF documents in the SM-Mobile App

The ability to mark-up, fill-in and share PDF files directly from your mobile device is one of the most popular advanced features we have recently added to the SM-Mobile App. Our mobile app users love the convenience and flexibility of being able to fill in custom PDF forms or mark up image files and transmit them to the office or email them to a client while they are at the job site. 

Annotate PDFs 

Mark and annotate PDF images, such as floor plans, at the job site. You can:

» Edit floor plans and attach them to customers' records.    

» Mark the locations of customer's equipment, such as septic tanks, fire safety equipment,   sprinkler systems, etc. 

» Keep track of areas where maintenance and cleaning work has been done by marking them off on a floor plan. 

» Maintain quality assurance by marking and annotating the tasks performed at the job site. 

Pre-filled PDF Forms 

» Convenience: Work Orders are already pre-filled with the customers' name, company and address. Your employees simply fill in the necessary information and send it to the customer with a click of a button. 

» Efficiency: Create any custom forms you need, collect signatures from the customer and send the forms to the head office. No more lost paper forms and your employees do not need to spend time picking up and dropping off forms at the head office. 

Professional Job Quotes 

Easily send images, maps and PDF forms to the employees' mobile devices. They can attach these PDF files to job quotes and send them to a customer with a click of a button!

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Get Paid Faster!

Process Credit Cards in SM-Mobile App

Low-cost, quick and secure credit card processing from your mobile device. 

Accept credit card payments from customers on the spot and send payment information to the office in real time. 

No paper invoices, no billing hassle - the money is in your bank account within a day!

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Thoughtful Mobile Tips

New SM-Mobile App Features and Mobile Devices Review

by Sarah Thomas 

Customer Service & Implementation Specialist 

Businesses everywhere are increasingly gravitating towards the use of mobile devices in the field, and this is reflected in the number of requests for customizations and additions to the SM-Mobile App we are currently receiving from our customers. Especially over the last year, I see how many businesses are finally realizing all the benefits of going mobile. 

Continue Reading to find out about the new features available in the latest version of SM-Mobile App and a review of popular mobile devices our customers are using in the field. 


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