August 2017


Save Time and Money with Route Optimization

With our advanced Route Optimization interface, you can minimize driving distances and save time and money by optimizing large numbers of jobs per day.

 No other service business software has the capability to optimize so many jobs for the day!

Scheduling Manager Gemini and Scheduling Manager Web Express (our online version) both have Google Maps Interface with Route Optimization functionality. You can 

- Get accurate directions with Google Maps.

- Send the information about the routes for the day to your teams' mobile devices. 

- Have Scheduling Manager assist in choosing the best day and time for a job based on your schedule.

- Optimize daily routes for as many stops as you need.

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One of our Scheduling Manager users regularly schedules over 70 jobs per route per day during the summer, the busiest season for their lawn care business. With the Route Optimization Interface, they are able to optimize as many as 80 jobs per route per day within seconds, with routes clearly displayed on the map. 

By using Route Optimization, their business was able to reduce the mileage and driving time by half, saving them on average $20,000 every year!

No More Double Entry with Xero Interface

Start using Scheduling Manager together with the popular Xero accounting software and eliminate double-entry, save time and increase efficiency.

Easily transfer all relevant data between Scheduling Manager and Xero with the click of a mouse and you are done! 

Interface also available with QuickBooks, MYOB, Sage, and other accounting packages. 

Take Your Business Mobile!

SM-Mobile App vers. 2.2.63 is Here

We are continuing to enhance our SM-Mobile App with more advanced features and capabilities tailored to the needs of today's mobile service industry. 

A few of the exciting new features available in the SM-Mobile App include

- Accurate employee timekeeping and tracking with  improved Punch In/Punch Out Function.

- Quick and secure payment processing, including all major credit cards. 

- Ability to upload and edit any custom PDF forms. You can also print and e-mail Work Orders, Waivers, Warranty Forms, Service Agreements and any other documents you might need to share with your customers.  

- GPS tracking for your employees. See where your employees are at any time and review their daily routes and stops.

Try Out the SM-Mobile App Now!

Download SM-Mobile App FREE from the 

Apple App Store or Google Play store!

(or call us to set up a free demo for 2 weeks using your own data!)

Thoughtful Security Bytes

How to Choose the Right Backup Solution for Your Service Business

 If you have ever lost business data to a hard drive failure, an office fire, a computer virus, or a ransomware attack, you know how important regular backups are. And, over the years, we have seen all of these unexpected disasters happen to our users and bring their businesses to a halt. Like a good insurance policy, the right backup system, ensures that if catastrophe strikes, you will be able to recover your business data and get back on your feet quickly.

Here is a look at 3 popular backup solutions and the pros and cons of each of them for your business.

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