July 2017


Never Forget to Invoice a Job Again

When you double-click on a completed job in Scheduling Manager, you will now see a new "Invoiced" checkbox, indicating whether the invoice has been sent to the customer. This will give you a quick and convenient way to see which customers still need to be invoiced right from your jobs screen. 

We have also added a new "Invoiced" report which can be run to show which jobs have been invoiced and which have not for any date you choose. Using these new features, you will always know which jobs have been invoiced and which invoices still need to be sent out and make sure you always get paid quickly! 

 Always Know Where Your Employees Are

We are excited to introduce new enhanced screens for viewing mobile GPS tracking data in Scheduling Manager. You can also create new detailed reports to see all the GPS data sent from the SM-Mobile App running on your employees' mobile devices. 

With GPS-enabled tracking available in our SM-Mobile App, you can always keep acurate track of your employees' whereabouts and make sure they are actually at the job site when they are supposed to be.  

Manage Your Chemical Usage in SM-Mobile App

With SM-Mobile App, you can accurately track and record all chemicals being used at each job site right on your mobile device.

Especially developed for our pest contol and pool maintenance business users, this feature is extremely useful for any business that needs to track and manage their chemicals use and storage. Create reports to show all chemicals being used at each job site and make sure you always stay in compliance of pesticides and chemicals usage regulations.


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Thoughtful Security Bytes

One More Time About the Importance of Regular Backups

By now, you have probably heard many times about the importance of performing regular backups of your data. Nevertheless, with the unprecedented rise in cyber attacks, especially ransomware attacks, on businesses in the US and around the world over the last several months, the importance of having a system of regular backups for all your business data needs to be underscored again. 

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