June 2017


New Credit Card Processing with BluePay

Thoughtful Systems has partnered with BluePay to bring safe, efficient and low-cost payment processing solutions to our Scheduling Manager users.  

• Secure Payment Processing for All Major Credit Cards

• Low Processing Fees

• Next Day Payment Deposits Available

• Excellent Support and Customer Service

• Fully integrated with Scheduling Manager Desktop, Online, and Mobile Versions

To Celebrate Thoughtful SystemsExciting New Partnership with BluePay

  Special Limited Time Offer! 

 Get Credit Card Processing Free*

and Start Saving Today

Call Us for Details

800-759-2532 or 718-369-0608

*(Offer valid if ordered before June 21st, 2017)

Dynamic PDFs Available in SM-Mobile App

This month, we are thrilled to roll out a major advance in paperless mobile functionality: 

editable PDF forms available on all mobile devices running the SM-Mobile App.    

These fillable and editable PDF forms will save you money, support your operational effectiveness, and enhance your customer service.They will help your business collect and record the right information in the field and reduce back office paperwork.

Upload, attach, edit, and fill out any custom PDF forms while in the field right on your mobile device. 

For example: 

• Company Waivers

• Custom Work Orders

• Inspection Forms

• Quality Assurance Forms

• Compliance Reports

• Contracts

• Any Other Custom PDF Forms You Might Need for Your business

The updated PDF forms are automatically transferred back to the home office and saved with the customer's record.

No more paperwork hassle, lost forms, and time spent on filing and data entry!

Call Us to Add This Functionality

at No Extra Cost!

Not Using SM-Mobile App yet?

Take Your Business Paperless!

Try It Free!

Download the Mobile App in Demo Mode

iTunes or Google Play store!

Thoughtful Security Bytes

Beware of Ransomware: How to keep your computers

and your business safe!

Cerber, Wildfire, Chimera, BlackSnow: 2016 can be rightly called the Year of Ransomware and, so far, 2017 is not shaping up any better. The biggest ever cyber attack in Internet history struck on May 12th 2017, when a ransomware named WannaCry stormed through the web, infecting 200,000 computers around the world in just the first few hours. 

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