April 2017


Take Your Business Mobile!

SM-Mobile App vers. 2.0 is Here

See What SM-Mobile App

Can Do for YOU!

- Runs on any Apple or Android device
- View scheduled Job Appointments
- Take photos of the job site and transmit       them back to the home office
- Accurate employee tracking with                 improved Punch In/Punch Out Function
- Create Estimates in the field
- Capture customer’s signature
- Accept payments - including credit cards
- Print and e-mail Work Orders, Waivers, Warranty Forms, Service Agreements, etc.
- Map daily Job Schedule Routes
- And much more!

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Save Time and Money with Route Optimization!

Using our Route Optimization interface you can route and optimize dozens of points per day, automatically reordering jobs to minimize driving distance and driving time. 

One of our lawn care business users in Florida regularly schedules up to 65 jobs per team per day during their busy spring and summer seasons. With a single mouse click, they are able to optimize all of their jobs for each route for the day, displaying the optimized route on the map within seconds.

By optimizing roughly 150 jobs per day, their business is able to cut their mileage and driving time in half, reducing their driving by 200 miles per day on average. They have calculated that this saves them $20,000 per year in saved gas mileage and employee time costs!

New: Auto-Refresh Job Calendar All Teams

There is now an “Auto Refresh” checkbox on the Job Calendar All Teams Screen in Scheduling Manager Gemini. The Auto Refresh function continuously updates the Job Calendar, so your employees are always viewing the latest information! 

This is especially useful if you would like to project the Job Calendar onto a large monitor or a wall-mounted TV screen. The Job Calendar All Teams will conveniently update all displayed information without having to reach for a keyboard!

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Service Business

As a service business owner, you know very well the truth of the old saying “time is money.” After all, every minute of the day can present the opportunity to generate income and to grow you customer base. If you are wasting time on administrative functions that could be automated, you are holding yourself back and costing your business money! 

Here are 5 main reasons to implement automated software solutions to make your service business more profitable and efficient!

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