November 2016


Our Thoughtful Team at milliCare University 

November 9th - 19th, 

Spartanburg, SC

Murray Gordon and Sarah Thomas, our senior Management Consultants, are presenting at milliCare University. 

 This is an annual event during which the milliCare network gathers for peer sharing, educational seminars and hands-on workshops.

Murray and Sarah have been invited to speak about the history of computer software and business software implementation strategies.   

Our Thoughtful Team in Australia

December 17th - January 15th

Murray and Sarah

are coming DOWN UNDER

Meet our team and say G'day to Thoughtful Systems!


02-8003-4247 (Australia)

for discounted implementation 

and consultation

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 Call us for personal onsite consultation and benefit from our 30 years of experience in software implementation, organizational consulting, and business management!


New QuickBooks Real-Time Sync Feature

Scheduling Manager QuickBooks Real-Time interface now handles statement charges. In QuickBooks, statement charges are a type of transaction similar to invoices. 

Scheduling Manager has the the only QuickBooks interface that handles these types of transactions in Real Time!


New Email Feature

Invoice-style estimates can now be emailed as PDF attachments.  

Easily attach the estimate in PDF format and email it to your customer or prospect directly from Scheduling Manager!


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