April 2016


Marketing Doesn't Have to be a Guessing Game!

New Leads Queue

Systematize your marketing strategies by daily tracking all your new leads. 

New Leads Queue feature presents the information in an easy to read spreadsheet style and you can call or email the prospects immediately.

Easily map lead generation to your sales funnel and turn every lead into a selling opportunity.

Streamline your leads nurturing process and effectively move leads down the funnel until they turn into customers. Position your mouse over the image to the left.

 Integrated Email Module

Send messages to sales prospects, customers, or employees with a simple click.

Email holiday greetings, special offers, general marketing pieces, job reminders, job tickets,or anything else you might need.                                                                     

Choose from a number of available templates or easily create your own. Click here to add a title or text.

Effective Sales Tracking

 The Sales Tracking module tracks your entire sales process from first contact with your prospective customers, right up to their acceptance or refusal.

Run Sales Stage reports to view the number of prospects at various sales stages.

Easily see what works and what doesn't and improve your sales strategies in real time!

Upgrades and Improvements from our Thoughtful Team

It's now possible to bulk SMS Job Tickets to all employees for the day!

With Scheduling Manager, you were always able to email your employees. 

Now you can also send their Job Tickets as SMS messages!

Text all the job tickets for the day straight to your employees' phones with a mouse click.

Did You Know?

Do you spend hours on the phone calling all your customers to remind them about upcoming jobs? Are you loosing jobs because customers are not being reminded ahead of time?

You can use Scheduling Manager's Reminders feature to automatically send SMS job reminders to your customers.

Just set the Reminders to send an SMS message to the customer 1 day before the job is due and you never have to worry about forgetting it again!

New High-Level Security Features

At Thoughtful Systems, we always strive to provide the highest level of security for our clients.

Recently, we have implemented new higher level security features  throughout our software and online products.

All customer information and transactions are securely encrypted.  Sensitive data, such as emails and passwords, are secured with the highest level of encryption.

Your XCharge transactions are always safe with the highest level of security and the strongest encryption algorithms.


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