September 2016


Never Lose a Customer Again

With New Quality Assurance Survey Email!

Receive immediate feedback from your customers!

Be proactive and listen to customers BEFORE they call to complain or cancel service! Timely and honest feedback helps you to address problems before they arise.This ensures that your customers are happy and continue their service with you.

Saving one customer who’s paying $80/week translates to savings of $4,160 per year! That more than pays for your entire software bundle!

Contact us about Quality Assurance Surveys and improve your customer retention!

Tom Moore, ECOlogic, Boston, MA

"For us, the Quality Assurance Surveys feature is the single most valuable feature of the Scheduling Manager software. We can’t even begin to tell you how many customers it has saved for us!  We email these surveys to all our customers and make sure to follow through on their feedback. Problems are handled before customers become frustrated and take their business elsewhere and this is enormously helpful to us in retaining them. "


Optimize Your Scheduling by Grouping Your Teams! 

The Team Groupings feature allows you to group teams together by area, or by service type. 

This feature is very useful to companies that are scheduling for a large number of teams, as it allows you to filter down to a select group of teams quickly and easily!

 For example: 

Does your business specialize in different types of service? 

Do you do both residential and commercial cleaning? Or, perhaps, you offer pest control, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other services?

Group your teams according to the type of service and easily schedule and view them with a single click of a button!

Do you service different areas, such as in different states, metro areas, or zip codes?

Group your team by any location, service area, zone, or state and save money on gas mileage and employee travel time!

Flexible and efficient scheduling at your fingertips!

Processing Your Credit Card Payments

is Now Even More Secure!

We are always striving to enhance the security of our software!

Our improved Credit Card processing interface makes processing credit card payments even more secure than before.

Save time and money and process credit card payments directly from the Scheduling Manager!

Speak to your Thoughtful Customer Care representative to make sure you have the latest security features and enhancements. 

Sign and Collect Waivers in SM-Mobile App

Do you need customers to sign a waiver form before you proceed with a job? Having a hard time keeping track of signed paper forms? 

Now, your employees can do it at all at the job site, right from their SM-Mobile app!  Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Specify a waiver you need the customer to sign.

2. Present them with the waiver and collect electronic signature.

3. The signed waiver is sent back to the office and automatically saved in the customer's file. 

Download the Mobile App at the

iTunes or Google Play store!


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