August 2016


New: Employee Document Storage Facility 

Store unlimited documents and attachments pertaining to each employee.

Store their photos, licenses, certifications, reference letters, and anything else you might need in a wide variety of formats!

Employee Document Storage is similar  to our popular Yellow Folder feature already available for customers and locations. 


New: Inventory Manager

At the shop or out in the field, Inventory Manager provides easy and comprehensive tracking of all your inventory!

 We are continuing to improve and enhance our popular Inventory Manager module. The Inventory Manager now interfaces with our new Point of Sale module to integrate all your business needs. 


The Importance of UPS:

Do Not Leave Your Computer Unprotected

It seems easy to simply plug your office computer into a wall outlet or a power strip and leave it running. However, power cuts, voltage fluctuations, brownouts, and even a lightning storm can damage your computer and destroy precious data stored on it. Millions of dollars worth of hardware and files are lost every year because of power problems that could be easily avoided with proper UPS usage. 

UPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply, provides power for your devices in the event of power failure or other electrical problems. Even a brownout, when there is a drop in the power but not a complete failure, can damage your computer and cause files to become corrupted, and surges can be very destructive to unprotected computers.   

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to recover data from a damaged drive, replace damaged hardware components, or finding out that your data is irrevocably lost. The UPS is your best defense against power fluctuations and failures. Make sure your computers and data are well-protected even if lightning happens to strike!


New Email Templates

New Email Job Reminder templates now available!

We recently modified the appointment reminder templates. Now, when you send out a job reminder to a customer, you can include all the information pertinent to the job, such as the terms and conditions of your business or any special notes pertaining to the customer or the job.

Save time having to enter this information every time you send out a reminder!


New QuickBooks Online Interface Features

We are continuing to enhance our QuickBooks Online Interface to better serve our clients using Intuit products.

Now you are able to transfer statement charges and other items not previously covered by the QuickBooks Interface. 


Did You Know?

Options for emailing job tickets to employees can now be customized to show or not show job prices in the emails sent to your employees. 


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