July 2016

Happy Independence Day!


New: Job Confirmation Calendar

The Job Confirmation Calendar is a dynamic new calendar view specially designed for assisting you with confirming jobs with customers and then allocating them to a route.

The calendar is ideal for those users who have many reoccurring jobs, but where the jobs must be confirmed with the client before being added to the calendar (normally in situations where there are several months between jobs).

The calendar includes several exciting new features not found in any other calendar view, such as:

-  The ability to see a custom date range of jobs (e.g. 1 week, 2 weeks, an entire month, etc…) 

-  The ability to  display an “Unconfirmed Jobs List” to the left of the calendar – this is a list of jobs that are pending, waiting to be assigned to a day and team. 

-  Separate date filters for the Unconfirmed Jobs List and the Calendar display. This means that, for example, you can choose to see jobs on the Unconfirmed Jobs List that have been pending since May, while viewing the current week on the  calendar view.

-  The ability to search/filter jobs in the Unconfirmed Jobs List – this is ideal if a client reaches out to YOU and you want to quickly locate their job.

-  The ability to see the job details flash up on the screen as you hover the mouse over the job on the Unconfirmed Jobs List. This makes it easy to use the calendar view to make calls to the clients on the Unconfirmed Jobs List  and to discuss with them the date they’d prefer for their job. 

-  The ability to drag jobs from the Unconfirmed Jobs List and drop them onto a desired day and route.

-  You can also view the Unconfirmed Jobs List for a specific route and drag the jobs onto a different route on the calendar. 

-  Jobs in the Unconfirmed Jobs List appear in red if the customer has an outstanding balance.


New: How Do You Talk to Your Customers?

Need to send emails to your customers? 

When you email your customers regarding scheduled appointments, job reminders, or sales specials, you can now filter your emailings by customizable tags! 

For example:

Do you have customers who need to be emailed in another language, like French, Spanish, or any other?

No Problem! Tag your customers' contact language as either French, Spanish, or English and email everyone in their appropriate language. 

Do you offer different types of services, like residential cleaning and commercial cleaning? 

Easy! Tag your customers as "Residential"or "Commercial" and email them about appropriate services. 


How Much Would You Spend on Business Software?

Did You Know?

In the 1950's, American Airlines spent an astonishing sum of $40 million (about $350 million in 2000 dollars) to develop and install the first ever automated booking and reservations software - the SABRE system by IBM.

 In the 1950's, American Airlines was facing serious challenges in its ability to quickly handle airline reservations in an era that witnessed high growth in airline passenger volumes. Before the introduction of SABRE, the airline's system for booking flights was completely manual:  the entire end-to-end task of looking for a flight, reserving a seat and then writing up the ticket could take an AA agent up to three hours for each booking. 

To solve this problem, American Airlines partnered with IBM to develop SABRE and when it went online in 1960, the system was an immediate success. By 1964, the system took over all booking functions for American Airlines and handled 83,000  phone calls a day.

Today, American Airlines is the largest airline in the world, with annual revenue of $40 billion, and the SABRE system is used by booking agents, travel websites, and other major airlines around the world. 

 So, the right business software at the right time can prove to be a smart investment and help your business grow and thrive over time!


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