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August 2020

Two-Way Text Messaging

The Two-Way Text Messaging feature enables you to send and receive text messages directly from the Scheduling Manager!
You can use this for sending custom one-on-one messages, or for bulk marketing messages, or appointment reminders.
You can even use it for texting to employees too!

Receive Pop-Up Alerts When Messages Are Received

When a message is received you'll receive a pop-up alert letting you know. You can then click on the message to "jump" to it immediately so that you can reply straight away.

Create Templates

The new Two-Way Text Messaging also supports the ability to create templates for text messages. This means that for any texts you send out frequently you can create a template to save you re-typing them every time.

Australia, Canada and UK Support

The new Two-Way Text Messaging is supported in multiple countries. You can receive a local number for customers and employees to text back to you.

IMPORTANT: Red Oxygen Support to be Discontinued

Support for Red Oxygen text messaging will be discontinued on October 31, 2020. It will be replaced with the new Two-Way Text Messaging which does more and is priced less. Contact support to begin your migration to the new interface! You will also be assigned your own, personal SMS text number!

BREAKING NEWS! As we go to press for this newsletter, we are announcing that the Text Messaging features will now be available in Service Genius as well!

Scheduling Manager Integrated Caller ID System

Scheduling Manager is the only all-in-one CRM, scheduling and accounting system that also includes a caller ID interface.

Know Who's Calling

With the Caller ID system you can immediately know who's calling. If a match for the caller ID number is found in your database you'll immediately see the customer's information in front of you on the screen. Or, if it's a new number, you'll have the option of adding a new record. This feature will greatly improve the efficiency of your operations and cut down on office admin time. Every user that tries this feature can't imagine living without it! We use it in-house and find it indispensable!

Log All Calls

Another advantage of the Caller ID system is that all calls (incoming and outgoing) are logged. This assists you with your customer service quality control and call monitoring.

Multi Company Support

The Multi Company feature within the Scheduling Manager enables you to manage and track information for up to 4 companies within the one database. This is perfect if you operate under multiple DBAs or if you've purchased additional companies.
You can share the one customer database and specify at the customer level or at the job level which company the services fall under.
This controls what information appears on company headers (statements, invoices, job tickets, etc) and which email addresses your correspondence comes from.
This feature also enables you to run separate accounting and sales reports for the different companies.

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