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June 2020

Scheduling Manager Offers Options for Data Hosting

Are you using the Desktop version of Scheduling Manager? Are you aware that you have the option of having your data hosted in the cloud?
Most users host their data locally – on their own PC or network server. Hosting your own data locally means that even if you lose your internet connection, you'll still be able to use your software. But hosting your data in the cloud has big advantages too.

One of the biggest advantages is that all software users can access the data in the cloud, wherever they are located – if they have an internet connection. This has become more popular during the lockdown, causing many employees to work from home.

Another popular reason to host your data in the cloud is because of security. Having your data off-site in the cloud means that even if something happens to your physical premises, your data is safe and sound in the cloud. Thoughtful Systems will ensure your data is backed up regularly for you, no matter what.

If you're interested in moving your data to the cloud please contact Thoughtful Systems and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. It's important if you are considering moving your data anywhere to discuss it with us first. If you move it to an unsupported server/location you may experience connectivity issues and cause errors to occur.

We cannot be responsible for errors in the software and/or loss of data if you store your data on an unauthorized server. If your data is hosted on our servers, we guarantee backups and smooth, problem-free operation!

Scheduling Manager Includes Powerful Emailing Options

Many users do not realize how flexible and powerful the built-in email capabilities of Scheduling Manager are. Please read below to find out some of the great things you can do with emails!

Email Appointment Reminders

Email Appointment Reminders to customers. You can completely customize the content yourself and optionally include any important information you want like the customer's contact info and job information such as pricing, exact times or time windows.

Email Employee Schedule Information

You are also able to completely customize employee schedule emails for employees. You can choose exactly what information you want to include enabling you to hide any information you deem too sensitive (such as customer phone numbers or pricing information).

Send Marketing Emails

Scheduling Manager includes several templates ready for you to use immediately. You can also create your own templates within Scheduling Manager for any marketing pieces you want for notifications about special offers. You have multiple options for selecting who to include in the emailing. You can choose to email to customers based on when they last had a service, or choose to email only to prospects, or you can email based on types of services the customers receive or based on tags. All this can be done directly from within Scheduling Manager with the click of a few buttons - there is no need to export to any other applications!

Create Custom Emails

You can easily modify the content of emails within Scheduling Manager and can include information such as the customer's name or other contact information. You can even include information in the body of your emails such as the Job Date or Start Time or even pricing information. This gives you great power to create emails for whatever purpose you want to send to customers or to employees.

Create Your Own Templates

You can even create your own templates in Scheduling Manager. For any email you find yourself sending out frequently you can create a template for it. Not only does this save you having to rewrite the same text over and over, but it also ensures that all employees in your company are sending the same well-written text.

Logging of Emails Sent

Sending emails from within Scheduling Manager also has the added benefit of enabling you to log all emails sent and who sent them. Emails sent from within the Scheduling Manager are automatically logged with which user sent the mail, when it was sent and a complete copy of the email sent. This enables you to store all your important data and correspondence in one convenient location.

Tags Feature

One of the most versatile and useful (and little known) features of the Scheduling Manager is the Tags feature.
This is an incredibly useful feature and enables you to categorize your contacts for the purposes of lookups and emailings.
You can create tags yourself, and you can tag a customer with as many tags as you like.
You can create tags from within Scheduling Manager by going to File>Tags. You can apply them to customers by clicking on the "Marketing" tab on the Customer Information Screen.
When sending an email in the Scheduling Manager you will see an option to filter the recipients of the email based on tags.

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