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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, businesses across the country have unfortunately seen a decline in business. However, many business owners find themselves now with more time on their hands during the countrywide isolation measures.

In these difficult times, one of the best ways to utilize this quiet time is to look for ways to reduce your operating costs. One of the best ways to reduce your costs is by reducing the fees you pay for credit card processing. Reducing the fees and commissions you pay can mean hundreds, perhaps thousands, more dollars for you each year.

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money

You work hard for every penny that you process. Especially in the current climate that money can go a long way towards paying your rent, wages and other expenses.

We have saved dozens of our users an average of $200 a month!

We can help you save money in at least 2 ways. First, we help you get better rates for the commissions you pay. Second, credit card processing companies traditionally attach lots of extra monthly maintenance fees. We can help you eliminate these fees leaving you even more extra cash in your pockets each month!
Since switching credit card processing companies I'm saving more than $500 each month! It's crazy to think that this was money I was just throwing away before. Now I have an extra $6,000 in the bank at the end of the year!
- Lisa Clark
(Happy Maids)

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Optional Scheduling Manager and Service Genius Software Integration

You also have the option of integrating the credit card processing with the Scheduling Manager or Service Genius software applications - complete management systems for all service businesses.
This enables you to process payments from within the software, and get funds deposited in your bank the next day! Also, you can email out invoices for your customers to pay online immediately!

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