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December 2022
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NEW: Service Genius Combined Invoicing

One of the recent additions to the online software, Service Genius, is the Combined Invoicing feature. A feature many users of Scheduling Manager Gemini love. The Combined Invoicing feature enables you to create 1 invoice for multiple jobs.
If you have customers that have multiple services, this feature is sure to save you lots of time.

Customization Options

Is there something you wished your scheduling software did, but it just doesn't?
Do you know what will save you lots of time, but you just don't know how to make it happen?

One of the things that many of our users love most about our software is the ability for it to be customized to their liking.

Create Your Dream Software

We know better than most that no two service businesses are alike. Many businesses have unique needs for various reasons. Over the decades we have created special scheduling screens, special estimate screens and a multitude of custom reports to present your data to you in whichever way is the most helpful to you. Having just the right report may give you business intelligence that gives you a unique competitive advantage!

You can customize many features of the software via the options screens. You can also customize the main menu - so it shows only the features you and your admin staff use on a daily basis.

Get Paid Faster with "Pay Now" Invoices

Email invoices directly from the Scheduling Manager Gemini that include a "Pay Now" link that your customers can click on to enter credit card information to pay your invoice straight away!
Call yourThoughtful Systems representative if you'd like to find out more about adding this feature to your software.

Powerful Reporting Options

Scheduling Manager Gemini includes hundreds of reports.
We find that many users often overlook many wonderful reports that are included with the software, so from time to time we try to highlight some that may have gone under your radar.
Job Costing Reports
The Job Costing Reports in Scheduling Manager Gemini are some of the many wonderful reports that get overlooked. There are several different report formats within the software ,which you'll find under Reports>Sales Reports>Profitability Costing Reports.
All these reports will show you comparisons of what you are charging for jobs compared to what you are paying your employees to do the work.
They can be a vital metric of the health of your business. Because the reports show very clearly what your gross profit is for each job, many users use these reports to see quickly which customers need a price increase.

Contact us with any questions, suggestions or if you want to order new add-ons for your software!

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