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September 2022

SMS Appointment Reminders

One of the most popular features of Scheduling Manager Gemini and Service Genius is the ability to send SMS text appointment reminders to customers.
Our users love this feature because they find that sending text message reminders greatly reduces the number of lock-outs.
This avoids the unpleasantness of cancellation fees, which can leave customers unhappy and disappointed.
It's easy to send them out directly from the software. You can even set them up to send out automatically at a chosen time each day so there's nothing left for you to have to remember - bringing your business one step closer to automation.

Customization Options

Is there something you wished your scheduling software did, but it just doesn't?
Do you know what will save you lots of time, but you just don't know how to make it happen?

One of the things that many of our users love most about our software is the ability for it to be customized to their liking.

Create Your Dream Software

We know better than most that no two service businesses are alike. Many businesses have unique needs for various reasons. Over the decades we have created special scheduling screens, special estimate screens and a multitude of custom reports to present your data to you in whichever way is the most helpful to you. Having just the right report may give you business intelligence that gives you a unique competitive advantage!

Service Genius Update: No more Customer IDs

The latest release of Service Genius includes the elimination of Customer IDs. This is something we've been planning for some time as many users found the requirement to create a unique ID for each customer to be burdensome. Now, the unique identifying field for each customer is hidden so all you have to do now is enter the customer's name or business name.

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