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April 2020


We hope all our users are well, and taking the recommended precautions to stay healthy and to help slow down the spread of this virulent virus! Our thoughts are with you.
As most of our users are aware, Thoughtful Systems is based in New York. We also have active offices in Australia. We've had a lot of disruptions in our day-to-day operations due to the coronavirus outbreak. In a matter of days all Thoughtful Systems' employees have transitioned to working remotely. We also use Scheduling Manager to keep track of all our users and leads and their needs! Thanks to this technology and our telephone-related software, we can continue to run the business and serve our users without a problem. We are committed to being here to support you, our customers, in these difficult times.
Many of our users are taking this quiet time to re-examine how they use the software and to take the opportunity to investigate aspects of the software they are not utilizing, or under-utilizing. Also, to get modifications they have been thinking about for some time. We are happy to talk to you to help you figure out ways for your software to work even harder for you! Let us know if you’re interested in our VoIP system – it’s a wonderful system, and it's free for the first year (in most cases).
Mobile App

NEW:Scheduling Manager Mobile App Features

We continue to add new functions to the Scheduling Manager Mobile App in response to user requests. Here are just some of the most recent additions.

Alert Messages for Employees for Jobs

With this new feature you can add a special note for a specific job that will appear as a special pop-up on the Mobile App when the employee taps into the job.

Can Collect Signatures Permission Option

We've recently added a new permission option for "Can Collect Signatures". Previously, the ability for an employee to collect signatures was connected to employees creating invoices. Now it is possible to require employees to collect signatures without requiring them to create invoices.

New: Employee Emailing Capability

We've added a new email filter option for employees that enables you to email to ALL employees that have ANY open job. This will be particularly useful if you need to send an email effectively to all active, working employees.

Contact us with any questions, suggestions or if you want to order new add-ons for your software!

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