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March 2021

NEW Travel Time Tracking in SM-Mobile App

The latest addition to the Scheduling Manager Mobile App is the ability to record travel times between jobs.

It's easy to record the travel times - after tapping into the job you simply need to tap the "I'm on my way" button and then the "I've arrived" button when you get there.

The times are imported into the main Scheduling Manager program enabling you to run a payroll report to get the total hours for your employees - including their travel times.

Service Genius New Features - Photos

Service Genius, the online version of our scheduling software, continues to expand and improve as we introduce new capabilities.
Photos that are taken in the SM-Mobile App are now accessible in Service Genius (just like in Scheduling Manager).

NEW Embedded Images in Emails

The latest addition to the Scheduling Manager is the ability to embed images within emails that you send out from the software.
This further enhances one of the most powerful features of the Scheduling Manager - the built-in Email Module.

With this new enhancement you can now send appointment reminders with a photo of the employee in the email.

The Email Module enables you to send marketing campaigns, work orders, appointment reminders, invoices, statements and much more.

Email templates can be created, modified and scheduled to send automatically on timers.

Emails sent are logged automatically.

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