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February 2021

NEW Online Booking

We are just now putting the finishing touches to our new Online Booking Feature, which will enable your customers to book appointments via your web site.

You can choose to have the job bookings flow directly to your Scheduling Manager database, or you can choose to review them first before clicking a button to add the job in your Scheduling Manager program.

This feature is sure to streamline your sales process and enable you to expand your operations by handling more new clients and appointments!

Remote Hosting Options

There are multiple options available for accessing your Scheduling Manager information remotely.

One option is to move your data to the cloud. Your use of Scheduling Manager would continue just the same - in fact you wouldn't notice any difference to how you use the software currently. But because your data resides online you'll be able to access it from any PC with an internet connection. This means you can run Scheduling Manager from your home PC, or your work PC, or even have multiple people using the software from different locations.

Another option for working remotely is to use a hosted server. In this kind of setup you would use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a hosted server. Once connected to the hosted server, you'll run Scheduling Manager just as you would normally. You can have as many users as you need operating in this way at the same time. This option is suitable for PCs, Macs, iPads and other devices.

Contact us today to discuss your remote working options and we'll help you determine which method is best for you!


Multi Company Feature Improvements

If you operate under multiple company names, the Multi Company feature in the Scheduling Manager enables you to track sales for each individual company as well as include different company contact information on reports and emails.

We've recently added a new report to the software that allows you to create a report list of customers separated by company.

Contact us today if you'd like to find out more about the Multi Company feature!

Contact us with any questions, suggestions or if you want to order new add-ons or for customizations to your software!

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