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January 2021

Text Messaging Innovations

We are very excited to tell you about some new enhancements to the built-in Text Messaging feature of the Scheduling Manager Gemini.


The Templates feature will save you a lot of time composing text messages. With this new capability you can create a template for any text message you send out frequently.

Text Messaging sending capability is now as flexible and as powerful as the email options offered in the software.

New Bulk Sending Options

We have recently added the capability to the Text Messaging feature that enables you to send a text message to all customers who have not had a job since a certain date. This is designed for you to send out a bulk marketing text message campaign to offer discounts to customers that haven't used your services in a while, for example.

Automatic Texting

The latest update of the Scheduling Manager also includes the ability to set text message campaigns to send our periodically. So, for example, you can configure Scheduling Manager Gemini to text appointment reminders to all customers on a regular basis.

One user uses this feature to send out text reminders to all employees each morning - reminding them to observe COVID-19 precautions!


Tip: Add New Customers from the Add Job Screen

Many users are not aware that it's possible to add a new customer from the Add Job Screen.

Just use the icon to the left of the "Customer" drop-down. You can also add new Locations or new Work Codes from the Add Job Screen by using icons to the left of these drop-downs.
add icons
If you ever think there must be an easier way to do something in the software make sure you reach out to one of the Customer Care representatives. They can usually show you a better way of doing what you need to do and they can help you use the software more effectively!

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