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May 2022

Mobile App: New Android Version Support

At Thoughtful Systems we continue to innovate to provide the best options for your business. One of the newest additions to SM-Mobile, our software for mobile devices, is to support the newest version of the Android operating system. When downloading the latest version of the Mobile App your employees will need to re-register.

Service Genius Improvements

One of the latest improvements we've made to Service Genius is phasing out the Customer ID. Now you no longer need to think of a unique identifier. Instead, the customer's business name and customer name will be used to identify the customer in a similar way to QuickBooks.
We have also made similar changes to the way employees are notified. In Addition, you no longer need to create an ID for Teams or Work Codes.

Backing Up

Once again, we remind you of the importance of creating regular and reliable backups. There are many options for backing up, including the use of OneDrive, Google Drive, Norton Backup of services such as Backblaze or Acronis.
If you are using a SQL database, you need to ensure that the SQL database is backed up separately - you cannot back it up using a regular file copy backup method. We recommend SQLBackupandFTP (paid version) for backing up the SQL database. With the paid version, you can set the software to automatically back up on a scheduled basis.

If you need help with this, please contact a Customer Care technician for assistance.

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