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July 2021

New Anti-Spam Text Messaging Compliance

Recently, some mobile phone carriers have passed new policies in an attempt to prevent spam texting. We have modified Scheduling Manager to ensure your messages will get through.
Part of this compliance requires you to answer some questions regarding your use of text messaging in the software. If you have not yet completed this important step please do so as soon as possible to ensure your text messages don't get blocked.
We just need some basic information from you: Business name, Business type, WIN number, etc. Please call us and we’ll send you the form to fill in.

Providing this information ensures that your test messages are sent reliably and efficiently every time! Your messages will not be blocked as spam!

NEW: Mobile App Signature Button

One of the newest additions to the Mobile App is a Signature button. Tapping this Signature button your employee will reach a screen they can present to the customer to collect a signature.

NEW: GPS Verification Retry

Another new addition to the Mobile App is a change to how the GPS data retrieval works. Now, if the Mobile App is not able to get the GPS coordinates for some reason it will prompt the employee to retry. You should instruct your employees to continue to retry until the app confirms it has received valid GPS coordinates. Otherwise, they should be able to provide a valid reason why the SPS coordinates were not obtained – for example, the employee is in a high-rise building where GPS satellite signals are blocked.

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