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June 2021

Online Booking Feature

The Online Booking feature of the Scheduling Manager Gemini enables your customers to book their own appointment online.
You can choose to have the job bookings flow directly to your Scheduling Manager database, or you can choose to review them first before clicking a button to add the job in your Scheduling Manager program.

This feature is sure to streamline your sales process and enable you to expand your operations by handling more new clients and appointments!
credit cards

NEW: Credit Card Processing Notifications

A new improvement to the Scheduling Manager Gemini means that when you process cards you'll be given a message which will tell you exactly whether the customer's address matches as well as the zip code.
If the address or zip code does not match you'll be able to correct the information for next time. This means that the commission you pay on the transaction will be less. This new feature could save you thousands of dollars every year!

NEW: Service Genius Team Change Routine

A recent change to Service Genius makes it easier for you to make changes to employees on a team and to update their jobs automatically. Now, if you add or remove employees for a team, when saving Service Genius will prompt and ask if you want to update all the jobs for the team to reflect the new team members.
Keep checking our newsletters as we are adding new features to Service Genius all the time!

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