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May 2021

Combined Invoicing

The Combined Invoicing feature in the Scheduling Manager is a great time-saving feature. If you have customers that have many jobs during a month, this one feature will save you countless hours by making it easy to consolidate all the jobs onto 1 invoice with the click of a button!
It will also handle multiple invoicing frequencies if, for example, some of your customers want to be invoiced monthly and some bi-weekly. You can even set Scheduling Manager to automatically email these invoices once they're created!

The Combined Invoicing feature is only one of many different invoicing options that are available in Scheduling Manager Gemini.

NEW: Customer Rating Drop-Down

One of the newest additions to Scheduling Manager is the Customer Rating drop-down. You'll find this new drop-down on the Customer Information Screen. It enables you to record a rating for each customer, which colors the background of the Customer Information Screen accordingly.
This assists your staff with optimizing the customer service they offer to ensure that, for example, your most important VIP customers are given priority treatment.

Advanced Route Optimization

The Advanced Route Optimization feature in Scheduling Manager Gemini enables you to optimize a route consisting of an unlimited number of stops.
This one feature will save many hours in drive time and subsequently will save you thousands of dollars a year!

Quality Control

The Quality Control feature in the Scheduling Manager enables you to record Quality Control ratings and comments for Customers and Employees.
You can then generate a report that show totals and averages of ratings for Customers or Employees. This enables you to keep a close eye on customer satisfaction and employee performance, which means you can identify any problems early-on.
Also, you can offer appropriate bonuses to employees with very high ratings!

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